Tuesday, September 22, 2009


14 days from today Deb and I are going to leave the States and start our around the world travels! We are starting with an RV trip around the south island of New Zealand. We then move to Thailand to teach English, after teaching we will travel thru SouthEast Asia and then backpack thru Europe before coming back to the States in May. Yep, thats our Outlook calendar for the next few months, don't try to schedule a meeting cause we be busy!

I envision our travels will be a combination The Goonies, Lord of Rings, The King and I and the books Hatchet, Call of the Wild, Sidartha and my all time favorite Where the Wild Things Are.

Deb's vision:Rick Steves (You Tube him if you don't know who he is) teams up with Food Network and Travel Channel to produce a mini-series that will win world-wide acclaim for capturing the essence of so many countries in so little time...

The safe (read:right) bet is Deb's vision but on a budget. I know some of you are rooting for Max, Frodo and Sloth to befriend us along the way and maybe, just maybe, we come to find Middle Earth and that island Where the Wild things really are...

WHY? Well, we looked at travelling for a whole year, but soon realized that our experience as volunteers at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls was life changing and we wanted to have a similar experience as a married couple. So, the search was on and we settled on a CIEE (Council on International Education Exchange) program which will provide us the opportunity to teach English to elementary school kids in Thailand and best of all it gave us a reason to move across the world!

We hope to share with all of you (friends, family, well-wishers, Joey O'Malley supporters,etc.) our experiences, pictures and stories from abroad on this blog. We will attempt to update it as much as possible, but do not know what our internet options will be in Thailand, yet!

For now, please forward this on to others that might enjoy following us on our little adventure and be sure to pray for a safe journey. 14 days, oh my!


  1. Very excited for you guys! you are going to have an AMAZING time! I was pumped to wake up to a blog invite!

    oh and joe... they are coming out with a where the wild things are movie... I think it comes out in Oct. we'll be sure to have you a dvd copy when you return home in may!

  2. Middle Earth huh? Don't you think that you will need the ring of power to get through?

  3. Sloth has already befriend and married Deb. Poor woman.

  4. Gluckliche Reise from the Wronka elders. Glad to note the literary allusions.

  5. Say hello to my hairy-footed hobbit bretheren in NZ

  6. Joe what time are u picking me up, should I travel light?
    Can Deb cook?, can I bring my playstation 2?, u gotta FLAT SCREEN TV?
    Man we gonna have some fun huh?

    Big AL Noha home

  7. Have fun and keep us posted! I'm excited for you!

  8. As they say in the acting world...."break a leg!" Not really...please do not take this literally.

    I have read most of the books that created and preview this adventure, but I was thinking more along the Dr. Zuess book...The Places You'll Go.

    Blessings to you and each person you meet and greet. May the blessings be mutual and abundant.

    We have given you wings to fly and feet to walk...use both wisely and often. It is in winging above the here and now that one gains a glimpse of the greater history one is passing through, but it is in the walking the path that you experience the true presence of WHERE you are.

    Our prayers and good wishes go with you.

    Love, Dad

  9. My Joseph and Deb: God's speed and happy trails. Traveling is a most blessed and exciting experience. Do you have your clean white pillowcase? Mrs T

  10. 48 hours and you'll be off. Enjoy yourselves and take care of each other