Sunday, February 7, 2010

The DC...Again.

Our past weekend was nice and quiet, which, after our week at school was welcomed. Its not that school week was overly crazy, but it did hold a number of surprises for us. We learned that we are going to be teaching three extra classes a week for the remainder of our time here. Not a big deal, but we only have 15 days of actual teaching left. This new change came from a classic VIM where Joe and a few fellow teachers expressed that classroom discipline was the reason the children were not progressing as quickly as some would like. 40+ students who use our class time as play time isn't necesarily the perfect scenario for conversational English to take place. No big deal, we will give it a whirl for our remaining weeks and see if halving our class size has any affect on the students English abilities.

As for the weekend, we decided to stay in the DC in order to plan the remainder of our trip around the world. A fellow teacher offered to take us around our province to see some of the sights we hadn't been to. The morning was set to begin at 9:30am and working on what we know from Thailand, "Thai Time" surely meant we wouldn't leave until 10 or even 10:30. Much to our suprise at 9am we had a knock on the door by two of our fourth grade youth to take us on our little tour of Suphan Buri. After a quick run through of Sam Chuck, the 100 year old Chinese Market and a bite of noodles for breakfast we were off on a boat tour of the river that connects Sam Chuck to Bangkok. One hundred years ago this river was used as the main mode of transportation as there were not yet roads, but today is no longer used for this and few reside on the riverside. The boat was similar to the buses here and appeared to be as old as the market, we soon realized the floor boards heat up just like on buses and we suspected a fire was imminent. Thankfully we weren't on the boat for to long as we jumped off to get a tour of a temple by two young Thai boys who were happy to have some tourists coming through. We were off again to a Buffalo Village where Joe was able to ride a buffalo, okay, he didn't actually ride but he did sit on the buffallo and got a picture to boot.

Sunday was spent in our school office surfing the web to find the best ways to cross the borders between Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam without too much hassel or being scammed। We finally purchased our Eurorail pass which must mean our time in Thailand is truley coming to an end. As we begin to wrap up our teaching and begin to pack up the few belongings we are taking with us for our backpacking adventure I begin to realize how much Thailand and it's beautiful people have grown on us. We may be leaving with a few meager pocessions but the impact of Thailand will follow us where ever we go। The impending goodbyes to the kids, school and our many new friends is definitely going to be harder than we ever would have imagined when we first arrived five short months ago... But, we hope that this is just the beginning of many worldly advevntures for the Wronka Family.

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  1. I,ll shed farewell tear with you, not just to ease the "behind" of your stay, for the foreseable lack of future blogs about your activities and the little kites delights in your teaching. I'll get to some other travel detail you asked for soon - dad